Collaborating Centre for the WHO-FIC in Japan



The Collaborating Centre for the WHO-FIC in Japan is dedicated to developing and implementing the WHO Family of International Classifications to improve global health. In collaboration with WHO, the five organizations in our consortium work closely together to support a variety of WHO-FIC Network activities in Japan and other countries.

Improving, disseminating and implementing ICD

Collecting and disseminating information on ICD
Serving as an information center, and collecting and disseminating information on interpretation and standards for the use of ICD.
Evaluating different chapters of ICD-10
Supporting ICD improvement efforts by clinical experts in ICD committees.
Contributing to implementation strategies for ICD and other WHO classifications
Conducting research on the quality of health information and implementation of ICD and other WHO classifications, use of the classifications in health information systems, and development of traditional medicine classifications.
Localizing ICD-O (Revised), disseminating information and offering training for cancer registry practitioners.
Evaluating the use of ICD-O to improve its quality.
Disseminating ICD training materials
Publishing an ICD introductory handbook annually and providing user feedback to the WHO-FIC Network (assessing the content of “The ABCs of ICD”, and publishing and distributing it to designated clinical training hospitals).

Maintaining and revising ICD

Offering multilingual support for ICD revision processes
Localizing ICD-11 expeditiously and maintaining adequacy in multilingual localization.
Maintaining ICD-10 and collecting information on ICD-11
Preparing proposals for ICD revisions and updates with ICD committees, based on statistical evidence of application to mortality and morbidity coding.
Coordinating different evidence-based efforts for internal medicine-related ICD revisions
Supporting IM-TAG local working groups in different internal medicine areas on ICD revisions, and supporting their field tests.

Improving and implementing ICF

Implementing ICF
Supporting ICF committee members in their research and discussions on the use of ICF.
Supporting ICF implementation strategy
Collecting and disseminating information on ICF user experience and knowledge.
Introducing ICF in periodic data collection
Conducting research on ICF application to the aging, rehabilitation, disabilities and educational sectors. Finalizing the Japanese version of WHO-DAS 2.0.

Improving and Implementing WHO-FIC

Providing training for ICD, ICF and health informatics
Organizing lectures and conferences on health informatics and health statistics in Japan and other countries.
- Annual meeting and training sessions of the Japan Society of Health Information Management
- On-site lectures on ICD and ICF
- Other lectures at medical societies and schools

Supporting activities of the WHO-FIC Education and Implementation Committee
- Localization of ICD and ICF online training tools

Supporting update of information in the ICD and ICF Classification Implementation Database
- Creation of information sheets
- Mortality and morbidity coding exams
Improving death certification
Developing a death certification handbook, publishing it annually and providing feedback to the WHO-FIC Network. (Development of death certificate completion manual and its distribution to designated clinical training hospitals.)
Improving mortality and morbidity data quality and health information systems in the Asia-Pacific Region
Organizing WHO-FIC Asia-Pacific Network meetings focused on sharing case studies of mortality/morbidity information system improvements and offering financial assistance to countries/regions with limited resources to participate in these conferences. Serving as its co-chair and building WHO-FIC Asia-Pacific Network meeting websites.

Developing an International Classification of Traditional   Medicine (ICTM) and including it in ICD-11

Developing classification and terminology standardization for traditional medicine (Japanese traditional medicine) deriving from ICD and ICTM
Developing the classification and standardized terminology of traditional medicine (Japanese traditional medicine) and creating English versions.
Developing a traditional medicine information model focused on ICD updating and development of ICTM
Developing an information model based on traditional medicine resources (Japanese traditional medicine) and creating an English